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Founded in 2016

As an oil derivatives trade house.

We succeeded through bringing efficiency to market prices, adding speed to what had been slow, brought transparency to what was previously opaque and through hard work & relentless self-improvement we are now an industry leader in the oil derivative space.

Onyx has become the leading price setter in the Oil derivatives market, with market making our strength and identity. Analysing exchange block trade volumes proves that we are the largest by volume across the barrel in swaps. From NWE Propane to 92 RON Gasoline, Dated Brent to 3.5% Barge Fuel Oil, we cover the market far and wide, across 3 time zones and down the forward curve.

Our growth has been the result of a long-term development plan that began with a strong core of experienced market makers. We modelled the best in the industry, identifying their core competencies and personality traits, then customised our talent identification to source those who we knew could become the best.