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We are Onyx Elite.

Meet our Traders.

Omar Kayaam 1
Omar Kayaam Director of Trading & Executive Director

Omar co-founded the firm and currently acts as Director of Trading. On inception of Onyx Commodities, Omar started the Light ends desk, with global coverage across Naphtha & Gasoline. He very quickly led the desk to be the leading market making franchise in this area, where for the last 5+ years the desk has traded over a 25% of swap volumes in the Naphtha & Gasoline space. He oversees trading floor performance and the trader development program.

Lijia Ju 10
Lijia Ju Head of Fuel Oil & Equity Partner

Lijia was the very first trader hire for Onyx Commodities, taking the seat under Omar in the Light ends desk. Lijia very quickly worked through the program to run the Naphtha desk autonomously within a year. He started the Fuel Oil desk in 2019, and had contributed significantly to the revenue share of the company. Lijia made Junior Partner in 2018 before being made an Equity Partner in 2020.

Manny Sandhu 10
Manny Sandhu Head of Crude & Equity Partner

Manny was hired within the first set of juniors at Onyx Commodities, after a 4 week boot camp. She trained on the Crude desk, moving through the ranks to Senior Trader before taking over as Head of Crude in 2019. In her first full year trading as head of desk, Manny brought the desk to record profits and a significant revenue share of the company’s overall performance. Manny made Junior Partner in 2018 before becoming an Equity Partner in 2020.

Luke Mcdermott 11
Luke Mcdermott Head of NGLs & Equity Partner

Luke is our most experienced trader having worked at multiple trading companies spanning 10+ years, and across almost all oil products, with a phenomenal record. He is Head of NGLs at Onyx Commodities, his desk being the largest market maker globally by far in this space. EnergyRisk 2020 rankings placed Luke’s desk as number 1 dealer of NGLs in North America & Europe. Luke is consistently a top performer and made Equity Partner in 2021.

Jasper Bird 10
Jasper Bird Head of Naphtha & Equity Partner

Jasper joined the firm in 2017 and is known as one of the most resilient members on the trading floor. Jasper has through sheer grit risen from Junior Trader to Head of the Light Ends franchise, and has successfully run the Naphtha franchise for over 2 years and his strong performance has ensured that he is the market leader in Naphtha by far. Jasper became a junior partner in 2020 and made equity partner in 2022.